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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Ano po ang tama: isawsaw ang ostiya sa kalis o uminom mula sa kalis? Dito kasi sa UK 'forbidden' ang isawsaw ang ostiya sa kalis.

I think the priests there allowed drinking from the chalice rather than dipping the consecrated host for safety purposes, i.e., so that there will be no possible spill over of the consecrated wine. In view of this, the General Instructions on the Roman Missal provides that the communion distributor should be the one to dip the consecrated host into the chalice and then give it to the communicant.

Here in the Philippines, it is not practical to distribute communion in two species simply because of the many number of communicants. However even if one does not receive the consecrated wine, the grace is not diminished. You are receive Jesus even through the consecrated host alone.

- Fr. Andy

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