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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Minsan sobrang busy ang organista ng aming choir kaya puwede ba kami gumamit ng audio player sa Misa kapag absent siya?

The norm is still to sing and accompany the singing live. However in certain but not too often circumstances, some choir may use minus one recorded in CD or memory stick playable at electronic organs for as long as the instrument used is approved for liturgical celebrations (i.e. guitar, pipe organ, and piano). In Sunday celebrations and special feasts, it is still recommended to have a live accompaniment.

Fr. Andy

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John Félix Santos said...

Fr. Andy

The peace of the Risen Lord be with you!

Fr. Andy, is it justifiable/lawful for a small community, who only holds masses every Wednesdays and Fridaysduring weekdays, to use pre-recorded songs sung by choirs [i.e. Bukas Palad, Hangad, Himing Heswita among others] by the means of an iPod or MP3? Due to my observation, the congregation do also actively participates in the singing of the hymn eventhough the songs are pre-recorded. It even sometimes invite most of them to sing, rather than the a capella singing done by the cantor [which is quite boring... according to some]. I do hope you could shed some light on this one.

In Chirst,

John Félix Santos y Concepción, c.c.s.

*** If you could just send me the reply to my e-mail, it will be gratly appreciated, because I find it hard to find this topic and I might forget to check out your response... Thank you very much! Here's my e-mail: john_felix_santos@yahoo.com.ph

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