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Sunday, February 3, 2008

OK po ba kung hindi kami nagsisimba sa aming parish dahil mas feel namin si Lord sa ibang simbahan?

It's hard to tell what's wrong until you identify the cause of the problem. Is it because of the priest? Or the people who attend mass? Or the lay ministers that assist at Mass? Or the location? Or the look of the church?

Keep in mind that our faith rests on the Lord and not on anyone nor anything else.

If we attend Masses in another parish, we separate ourselves from the community where we should belong. We deprive our community of our services. Learn from the early Church communities. Members live in harmony, help one another, and share things in common.

See if your standards are very high. While others find value in attending Mass in your parish, you don't. Maybe you just need to make a few adjustments and see the value of being with your community in worship.

- Fr. Andy

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