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Saturday, September 15, 2007

OK bang mag-communion kahit nakipagtalik ako sa girlfriend ko?

Sex outside marriage (pre-marital sex) is a disordered act just like masturbation. It is an abuse and misuse of sexual faculty outside the intention of God. Sex should be an expression of love between the couple in the context of marriage (refer to my answer in No. 1)

Pre-marital sex is therefore a sin and it is advisable to see a priest to avail the Sacrament of Confession before receiving communion. Isn’t it but logical? How can we worthily receive our Lord in the Eucharist if we are in the state of sin? Nakakahiya sa Panginoon na humarap tayo sa Kanya at tanggapin Siya nang may kasalanan tayong labag pa sa Kanyang kalooban.

- Fr. Andy

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